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The Little Kids' Book Club introduces new and engaging books for you to share with your children. Please explore our recent posts below and stay tuned for more!

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Little Kids’ Book Club #10:”Room on the Broom”

By Julie

“Margot Moon” on the Broom Have fun reading aloud “Room on the Broom” with your kids and then make a cell phone video of them taking flight. Scroll down to learn how to expand your children’s vocabulary while making this lasting memory. Join the Little Kids’ Book Club and receive more book titles, projects and…

Little Kids’ Book Club #9: “Waiting”

By Caryl

In this Little Kids’ Book Club post #9 we are taking a break from stories that focus on doing, and we turn to thinking. Teaching our children to be patient and reflective is difficult in this iWorld. “Waiting” is the perfect place to start. The Story “Waiting”, written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes, is about…

Little Kids’ Book Club #8:”The Day the Crayons Quit”

By Caryl

Unlike traditional book clubs, our online read aloud Little Kids’ Book Club is guilt free and requires nothing of you. Twice a month we’ll email you 1 of our favorite book titles like “The Day the Crayons Quit”, along with a list of “Read and Explore” talking points. No obligations! Just an easy fun way to…

The Little Kids’ Book Club #7: “The Most Magnificent Thing”

By Caryl
Little Kids' Book Club #7

Ellie is in 5th grade and thinks The Most Magnificent Thing  is “cool.” Ashley Spires, the lovely author and illustrator of “The Most Magnificent Thing”, told us her personal story behind the making of this inspiring book. If you’re LUCKY, your child or student will want you to read aloud “The Most Magnificent Thing”…. over and over again. WHY?  Keep scrolling…

Little Kids’ Book Club #6: “Where The Wild Things Are”

By Caryl

Maurice Sendak said, “There is so much more to a book than just reading.” See our list of conversation starters about his book “Where The Wild Things Are,” and teach your kids how to read between the lines.

Little Kids’ Book Club #5:”What Pet Should I Get?”

By Julie

Dr Seuss’s newly released children’s book, “What Pet Should I Get?”, is filled with unexpected teachable moments. For insights check out the Little Kids’ Book Club #5.

Little Kids’ Book Club #4:”Sylvester And The Magic Pebble”

By Caryl

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, written and illustrated by William Steig, is a classic children’s picture book; vocabulary rich, steeped in life lessons and a long time favorite among k-2nd graders. It’s a perfect read-aloud brain builder featured this week on our free online Little Kids’ Book Club. Scroll down for a list of engaging questions…

Little Kids’ Book Club #3: “Going Lobstering”

By Caryl

The free online Little Kids’ Book Club is on a mission to get parents to have fun reading aloud to their children. Subscribe and receive one post every two weeks featuring a new, or old, book title. Each book title comes with a list of questions and fun facts that will build comprehension and vocabulary in…

Little Kids’ Book Club #2: “Knuffle Bunny”

By Caryl

Stretch thinking and spark conversation with Little Kids’ Book Club #2 listing questions and fun facts around Mo Willems picture book, Knuffle Bunny.

Little Kids’ Book Club #1: “If You Plant a Seed”

By Caryl
little kid's book cub

Little Kids’ Book Club for preK-3rd graders offers parents and educators talking points to explore in Kadir Nelson’s gem, “If You Plant A Seed.”