My Child Struggles in School

My Child Struggles in School

If your child struggles in school, he may be the 1 person out of 5 who has a Learning Difference or Disability. Working as an educator for over 30 years, I rarely see a student who has only one Learning Issue, or just one TALENT.

Did you know that ADHD is found in roughly 12-24% of people diagnosed with dyslexia? Children with math difficulties often have visual-spatial reasoning weaknesses. As young children they may not enjoy playing with blocks and puzzles and they may have a poor sense of direction. Identifying what trips your child up in school is the first step towards finding a learning solution. Many children go undiagnosed until middle school or even high school.

15 CLUES as to WHY your child may struggle in school

These are SYMPTOMS….not the ROOT of the problem.

1.   My child feels like he is not as smart as his classmates.
2.   She has great ideas but cannot get them down on paper.
3.   My child does not like to read out loud.
4.   She has trouble following directions.
5.   My child has difficulty writing with a pencil or pen.
6.   He cannot copy the simplest notes off the board.
7.   She forgets to bring homework home.
8.   He will complete his homework yet forget to hand it in.
9.   My child works so slowly that she cannot complete tests on time.
10. My child does not like math.
11. He can read the words but does not understand what he reads.
12. My child feels rushed in class.
13. She studies math facts but cannot master them.
14. My child daydreams too much in class.
15. My child gets 100 on spelling tests but misspells these same words when writing.

Damaging MYTHS are often perpetuated when a learning disability has not been identified. If you are still reading, follow your intuition and keep digging.

For my list of 11 Damaging Myths and associated learning differencesclick below.

11 Damaging Myths

If your child is the 1 person out of 5 who has a learning difference, reframing material to accommodate his/her needs is often the calming fix needed in the classroom, and at home.

Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M.