Little Kids’ Book Club #1: “If You Plant a Seed”

Welcome to the Launch of the Little Kids’ Book Club. Read with purpose and spark conversation with your PreK-2nd graders.

This is the first of an ongoing series of posts in which we will introduce new and engaging books for you to share with your children. Stay tuned for more…



“If You Plant A Seed”, written and illustrated by Kadir Nelson

“If you plant tomato seeds…

tomato plants will grow.

If you plant a seed of selfishness…

it will grow into a heap of trouble.”

When you read out loud to children, you want to trigger conversation, develop their vocabulary and emotional intelligence and let their imaginations run wild. With a little bit of prodding, Kadir Nelson’s book, If You Plant A Seedtargeting 4-8 year olds, has the potential to encourage dialogue with your toddlers…and even teens!


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Ask your child:
-What other seeds would YOU plant?
-What would YOUR seeds grow into?
-Act out a HEAP of trouble.
-Draw a HEAP of trouble.
-How would YOU plant seeds of KINDNESS?
-What are DIFFERENT ways to show kindness?
-What do you think the birds are looking at?

In one illustration, the reader is looking at 5 watchful birds staring down at the ground, apparently checking out the garden. The visual perspective is unexpected, inviting more discussion. You’ll understand what I mean when you come to this page. Despite very few words, this beautifully illustrated book provides many teachable opportunities for parents, grandparents and educators.

Fun facts:
Did you know that Kadir Nelson is more than an award winning author and illustrator of children’s books? He also painted a Michael Jackson album cover and illustrated stamps for the United States Postal Service, among other things. Teach your child about the many ways an artist like Kadir Nelson can apply his craft.

Stamps illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Stamps illustrated by Kadir Nelson

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Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M.