Little Kids’ Book Club #11:”Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast”

Little Kids' Book Club #11:"Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast"

A special thank you to our newest READ ALOUD hero and creator, “Papa” Josh Funk, author of “Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast.” Josh shared personal stories with us, adding spice to this already tasty title.

Our online Little Kids’ Book Club is guilt free and requires nothing of you. Twice a month we’ll email you 1 of our favorite titles like “Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast”, along with a list of “Read and Explore” talking points.

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The Story

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast (personified food), race through the refrigerator in an attempt to score the last drop of maple syrup remaining in the bottle. Life gets sticky as these two friends compete for the gold.

“Toast didn’t notice and couldn’t quite stop,

plummeting down into jam with a…PLOP!

He scraped himself off

and yelled up, “You’re a meanie!”

as Pancake rappelled

down a rope of linguini.”

Spoiler alert! Baron von Waffle beats them to it, and gets the last lick;

“With one evil laugh, Waffle slipped out of sight. The syrup was gone. No reason to fight.”

Author Josh Funk’s protein rich picture book introduces kids to healthy food, advanced vocabulary and life lessons, all in one imaginative story.

The “cherry on top" is the last page; a foldout illustration of the refrigerator interior, where you and your child can retrace the journey of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast, one shelf at a time.

Little Kids' Book Club #11:"Lady Pancake &Sir French Toast"

Find this book in your SCHOOL or LIBRARY or order ONLINE HERE!

The Story Behind the Story

Josh Funk’s 3 and 6 year old children wanted breakfast one morning and all he could find were frozen waffles. “On the way to the diner” he asked them,what would a pancake and french toast fight over? Only a kid could think of the answer…syrup.”

Today Josh doesn’t remember which of his two kids came up with “syrup” so he dedicated this whimsical book to both of them

Read and Explore

Ask your child:

  • “The last drop is mine Lady Pancake conversed.” What is another word for conversed? (said)
  • Act out the scene where, “She screeched to a stop at the edge of the shelf, clutching a grapevine to steady herself.”
  • What does “plummeting” mean? (fall straight down)
  • “Pancake rappelled” What does it mean to rappel? (drop down off a cliff using a rope)
  • What is a beet? Find a beet in the picture. (A beet is a root vegetable.)
  • “...his chances looked bleak.” What is another way of saying bleak? (not hopeful)
  • “But Chili Lagoon slathered Pancake in Muck.” When someone shaves with a razor, what do they slather on their face? (shaving cream)
  • What kind of beans have you eaten, if any? (kidney, lima, pinto…?)
  • What’s the difference between maple syrup and honey? (Maple syrup is made from the sap of a maple tree. Bees make honey in a beehive.)
  • What else could Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast have shared in addition to the butter? (open ended...look through the refrigerator fold out at the end)

Fun Facts:

  • Josh LOVES to read aloud. He and his wife read all the Harry Potter books to one another before they were married.
  • “The best part of my day was reading to my kids."
  • “Iggy Peck, Architect” was my FAVORITE FAVORITE book to read to my kids. It’s the top of my book list that inspired me to write, using advanced language in a picture book.”
  • Writing in rhyme is difficult because you need to choose words that are pronounced the same by everyone.
  • Josh was the vocal director of an acapella group in college where he majored in computer science versus his beloved music. This year he wrote, performed and created the "Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast" book trailer and SONG using the Garage Band APP on his iPhone. All the voices are Josh…"lead, back-up and back-up to the back-up."


  • Vermont is the leading producer and promoter of maple syrup. Every year the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association plans an open house weekend inviting the public to sugarhouses and restaurants across the state. Check the  event schedule and take your family on a sweet adventure where they can experience maple sugaring along with a helping of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast slathered in 100% maple syrup.
  • If you're traveling to Vermont, remember to bring the "Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast" ACTIVITY KIT to keep your children engaged and learning along the way.

Look for more book inspired drawings from our online community in the next Little Kids' Book Club post.

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Caryl Frankenberger & Julie E. Janson


Caryl recently read "Knuffle Bunny" and "The Day the Crayons Quit" to a group of preschoolers at the impressive Guilford Center for Children in CT. Not only did the children share their book inspired drawings with us, but they even showed their gratitude with thank you notes and a home baked pie. This lovely preschool for 3-5 year olds supplements their curriculum with an EMPATHY Training Program; a great addition to reading aloud books that develop social and emotional intelligence.

Little Kids' Book Club#11:"Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast"
Little Kids' Book Club #11:"Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast"
Little Kids' Book Club #11:"Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast"

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