Little Kids’ Book Club #2: “Knuffle Bunny”

Welcome back to the FREE Little Kids’ Book Club #2, where we introduce new and old books coupled with talking points and fun facts. Read in between the lines and stretch thinking with your PreK-2nd graders.

Although Knuffle Bunny, A Cautionary Tale targets 2-5 year olds, you can also engage older children when reading out loud. Here’s a collection of questions and fun facts for all ages….even grown ups! Remember to only make a few points at a time.  

“Knuffle Bunny, A Cautionary Tale”

by Mo Willems

“ Not so long ago,

before she could even speak words,

Trixie went on an errand with her daddy…”

Our Little Kids’ Book Club conversation starters will keep the story going…no matter how often you read the same book….day after day after day……

Little Kids' Book Club #2: "Knuffle Bunny"

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Ask your child:

-What do they mean by the word “block” in the line; “Trixie and her daddy went down the block”?

-What else does the word block mean?

-As you go through the book, can you keep track of how many people are exercising in the pictures?

-If you had never heard of the word laundromat, what clue would help you figure out the meaning? (laundry…laundro)

-Looking at the laundromat signs in the window, what is the difference between “drop-off service & self service”?

-Why do the washing machine’s have letters on them?

-Why do you think Mo Willems features a machine with the letter M  in his pictures. (just a guess)

-Why do you think Trixie realized her Snuffle Bunny was missing only after walking for a while?

-Do you think that someday Trixie will be able to go for a long walk without Snuffle Bunny?

-What is Trixie’s daddy doing with his mouth in the picture of them walking hand in hand leaving the laundromat? (whistling)

-How can you tell that Trixie is upset if she can’t use real words?

-Can you think of another meaning for the word BAWLED? It’s spelled differently (bald).

-Can you show me how to go “boneless”?

-When Trixie’s daddy “decided to look harder” for Knuffle Bunny, he is pictured rolling up his sleeves. Can you tell me what the expression “roll up your sleeves” means?

-Which washing machine does Trixie’s daddy find Knuffle Bunny in? (M)

-Do you remember what your first words were?

Fun Facts:

-Mo Willems started drawing cartoons as a little boy.

-After college he did stand up comedy in London.

-He was a TV writer and film animator (Sesame Street) and film maker before publishing books.

-Mo Willems became a stay at home dad in 2003, one year before this book was published, so he could be with his daughter named Trixie, and create from home.

-The background photographs in Snuffle Bunny were taken in Brooklyn, New York where Mo Willems lived with his family.

-In some parts of the United States people refer to a laundromat as a washateria.

-Instead of bringing a bag of coins to the laundromat, there are now washing machines and dryers that accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet !

Mo Willems with his daughter Trixie, all grown up. (photo credit

Mo Willems with his daughter Trixie, all grown up. (photo credit


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Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M.

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