Little Kids’ Book Club #3: “Going Lobstering”

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Did you know that in June 2014 the American Academy of Pediatrics, instructed 62,000 pediatricians to advise all parents to read aloud to their children starting at birth? We couldn’t agree with them more!


Going Lobstering, written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Rob Bolster, was inspired by the author’s personal experience lobstering in Massachusettes. In the story Linda and Erik spend the day on the water with “Big Joe”, where they learn all about lobsters and how to catch them. Although this book targets 4-8 year olds, we think it’s a great read for any age; even adults can learn something new­!

Little Kids' Book Club #3: "Going Lobstering"

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Ask your child:

-Can you find the seagull in the first picture?

-What is a “pier” ? (dock)

-What else does pier mean when spelled P-E-E-R? (to peer means to look, a peer is a friend or contemporary)

-What is the name of Big Joe’s lobster boat? (Lobstertail…it’s painted on the boat in the picture.

How many lobsters do you see in the picture of the trap under water?

-How many lobsters do you think will fit in Big Joe’s trap? (There is no absolute number…think size and logic.)

-If you had buoys, what colors would they be?

-What is a “gauge” ? (a measuring device, like a ruler)

-Big Joe said that lobsters are “scavengers.” What does scavenger mean? (to collect or eat garbage / unwanted food)

-What did Erik and Linda wear over their clothes while on the boat? (life vests to be extra safe)

-Would you like to go lobstering?

Fun Facts:

-Jerry Pallotta and Rob Bolster have been friends for over 30 years and collaborated on over 40 books.

-Rob’s illustrations are based on scenes in Situate, MA.

-Rob used Jerry’s family members as models for the illustrations.

-Erik and Linda are actually two of Jerry’s four children, Neil and Sheila. They are now grown up. Sheila is a pediatric physical therapist and Neil is a US Army Ranger. He has served in Afghanistan four times.

-In real life, Big Joe was Jerry’s father and the children’s grandfather.

-Big Joe’s buoy is green, white and red, just like the Italian flag.

-The blue and grey buoy (plus red for color) is for Georgetown University where Jerry went to college.

-Lobster traps are no longer made of wood. Now they are steel mesh wire coated in plastic.

-Jerry started lobstering when he was 14 and still has traps.

Golf ball made of lobster shells.

Golf ball made of lobster shells.

-The University of Maine has created a biodegradable golf ball made of lobster shells.

-In Maine, lobster traps are round on the top and flat on the bottom so if they hit a ledge, or rocks, they will roll off.

-Supposedly 1 out of two million lobsters are blue.


Create a scene around this week’s book cover, Going Lobstering, or design your own buoy.

Send us a picture of what you created and we’ll do our best to publish your work. A special thank you to the young artists from Sandpipers Early Learning CenterThey created these wonderful drawings inspired by The Little Kids’ Book Club: #2 Knuffle Bunny A Cautionary Tale.

Little Kids' Book Club#3:"Going Lobstering"

Little Kids Book Club#3:"Going Lobstering"

Little Kids' Book Club#3:"Going Lobstering"

 Little Kids' Book Club #3:"Going Lobstering"Little Kids' Book Club#3:"Going Lobstering"

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