No Plan No Gain

The field of cognitive training is new and frequently misunderstood.  That you have trained can mean nothing, it is always how did you train.  Benefits are the result of commitment, focus, and most of all, hard work.  Our job is giving everyone the tools to be successful, along with daily monitoring and making adjustments to the training regimen. We focus on motivation, technique and accountability but success and improvement are what keep people invested.

We introduced some new training techniques with our students who are completing Cogmed Working Memory Training at Winchendon School and have seen immediate results.  Cognitive training involves getting people to work consistently at the upper limits of their abilities, yet not to the point of exhaustion. In many cases, we are training them to do things that do not come naturally.  Sometimes it is as simple as recognizing that you are getting tired and resisting the urge to push forward towards failure.  As with physical training, a pause and a rest can be just what are needed in order to achieve the next level of success.

There are so many parallels between successful Cogmed training and success in other aspects of life.  First of all, it doesn’t just happen.  It’s the result of a specific approach, goals and most importantly, effort.  Some common results are, improved attention and focus, better impulse control, better organization and ability to plan and execute, along with improved confidence.  The best thing is that nobody gives them these skills.  They are learned and earned.  Please visit the Cogmed section of our website and  subscribe to our Newsletter and follow us on Twitter.

Caryl and Ted Frankenberger

Frankenberger Associates