School Placement

Selecting an independent school is one of the most important decisions you and your child will make. Caryl’s comprehensive, on-site research of independent schools, along with her in-depth knowledge of learning styles, enables her to guide families through this process. She shares your goal of identifying a school that will best meet the needs of your child.

Because Caryl specializes in working with students who have diverse learning styles, she carefully investigates how schools support learning differences. A growing number of schools have established learning centers where students can receive support one to five times per week. There are also schools that dedicate themselves exclusively to remediating students who have learning disabilities. Caryl’s first hand knowledge allows her to evaluate the many options, and target the schools that best match the educational, emotional and social needs of your child.

Frankenberger Associates placement service is designed to assist you and your family through every stage of the placement process. Caryl begins with a thorough review of your child’s records followed by a personal meeting. If a psycho-educational evaluation or IQ test is required, she can accommodate you. Based on this information, a host of appropriate schools will be suggested and discussed in detail. Once the decision is made as to which schools are most appropriate, Caryl personally speaks with the school’s admissions office in order to discuss your child’s profile and then she forwards all of the necessary records to the school. Following your campus visit, Caryl recontacts the school’s admissions office and also speaks with you regarding your assessment of the school. Her role is to facilitate the best decision that will ultimately be made by you and your child.