Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to our new website FA Learning Solutions. If you are an old client, maybe we helped you find just the right school for your son or daughter. We may have even helped that school develop its learning center. Maybe we evaluated your child and created strategies to foster greater success in school. We may have even evaluated you.

In the past our job was to identify and provide early educational interventions for students with learning differences. While we continue with that mission, today Frankenberger Associates works with children, educators and seasoned adults using some of the latest technologies.

We live in such interesting times and technology affects our lives in so many ways. The rigors of penmanship have yielded to keyboarding and we can now write by just talking to our computers or tablets. In addition to providing compensatory strategies, we can now go straight to the root of the problem and create strength where there was weakness. The miracle of neuroplasticity allows us to rewire the brain for improved working memory and attention.

With this in mind, we are proud to introduce the newest aspect of our business, Cogmed Working Memory Training. During the past 18 months we have coached dozens of children, adolescents and adults. Clinical observations of benefits include improved organization, attention, recall, reading and confidence, just to name a few. We have implemented Cogmed programs at The  Greenwood and Winchendon  Schools, and will be launching Cogmed this summer at The Wolf School and Camp Dunabeck at Kildonan.

As experts in this exciting new field of cognitive training, we are now enrolling students in our Cogmed Summer Program, which can be completed right in your home! Please contact us for more information.

In our blog, we will share interesting and relevant information about education and learning. We will help to keep you up to date, not just about what we are doing but, with the new programs and the best practices that we encounter as we work with schools and individuals. Whether you are an established friend or someone who is here for the first time, we thank you for visiting and encourage you to subscribe to our Newsletter and follow us on Twitter.

Caryl & Ted