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Cognitive Training After a Concussion

Several years back the mother of a 24 year old asked us about Cognitive Training for her son. During middle school, he had suffered a severe concussion which initially left…

Summer Training = Success

Why do we recommend our online individualized Summer Cognitive Training program to students who struggle with school, or just want to do better?Improved attention and memory equal improved academics. #1 “Summer is…

Lumosity & Brain Games vs. Cognitive Training

The difference between PLAYING & TRAINING is the results. People ask us all the time, “How is cognitive training different than Lumosity? ” Perhaps the real question is, “What’s the difference between playing…

71% Improve on SAT after Completing Cognitive Training

Does cognitive training improve SAT results? A group of college bound juniors recently completed a computer based program in which they trained for 30 – 40 minutes daily, 5 days…

Summer Training for Fall Success

Summer is the perfect time for students from 5th grade through college to prepare themselves for success in the Fall without having to STUDY! It’s all done on a computer…

Does Your Child Understand His Learning Profile?

Caryl helps students understand their learning profiles, moving them towards self advocacy in her one-to-one Study Re-Boot planning session.


With admission officers being pulled in a thousand different directions and conferences being both costly in terms of time and money, I was thrilled to be able to offer my staff this incredible professional growth opportunity right here at Proctor. Caryl tailored her webinars to our specific needs and was extremely flexible about how to best present to our team. She is a patient and responsive teacher. I would recommend this webinar series to any admissions office.

- Chris Bartlett
Director of Admissions, Proctor Academy

You were so awesome at Longshore, Caryl. Thank you for your fabulous presentation. Audrey and I heard more raves about you at Eagle Hill Hardwick today. Keep on truckin – you rock!

Cammie Bertram
IECA consultant

Thank you again for all you have done for me. I truly wouldn’t be applying for the bar exam without your help and dedication.

- law school student