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FA Learning Solutions helps children & adults with Learning Disabilities, and those who just want to perform better at school or work, by understanding and addressing weaknesses in Working Memory, Executive Functioning, ADHD, and other essential skills and abilities.

Ted Backes, Director of Cognitive Training and Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M., Founder of FA Learning Solutions

FA Learning Solutions is a husband and wife team. Founder, Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M., is an educational specialist and Head of The Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont. Ted Backes is the Director of Cognitive Training, working online with individuals and running group programs at schools and organizations.


Founder Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M, has written 3000+ Psychoeducational Evaluations for families around the world looking for answers about their children’s educational challenges. Caryl takes a holistic look at students who learn differently, teasing apart the “why” behind the what.

Today, Caryl is Head of The Greenwood School in Putney, VT; an all boys boarding and day school for 6-12th graders with complex learning profiles. She has come full circle, having taught at Greenwood after graduating from college, and returning many years later, putting her lifetime of experience to work in one hyper focused learning community that she now calls home

As Head of The Greenwood School, Caryl only writes a very limited number of Psychoeducational Evaluations, yet continues to speak at conferences and maintains an online presence right here. Caryl will also refer families to other competent evaluators and school placement specialists.

Parents and educators can still access Caryl’s expertise 24/7 through her online webinar series, Identify Dyslexia Early.

Identify Dyslexia Early

This 3 part webinar Identifying Dyslexia Early, is for concerned parents and educators, addressing:

  • Red flags starting in preschool.
  • What a reading disability looks like in K + 1st grade.
  • Steps to follow for proper remediation, INCLUDING how to move more quickly through the school system.


Ted is the Director of Cognitive Training. He has designed and implemented many school programs and also works individually with students from 4th grade through college, and adults who want to improve their cognitive abilities.

Ted became a Cognitive Trainer based on his own transformative life experience and his desire to share the benefits of cognitive training with others. He works individually with students and professionals and he designs and implements customized programs for schools and other organizations.

“The greatest reward is seeing people, of all ages, develop the skills and confidence that they need in order to be successful at the things that are most important to them.”


Professional Memberships:

  • Independent Educational Consultants Association
  • Small Boarding School Association
  • Learning Disabilities of America
  • International Dyslexia Association
  • The Dyslexia Foundation
  • Smart Kids With Learning Disabilities

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