Cognitive Training After a Concussion

By Ted

Several years back the mother of a 24 year old asked us about Cognitive Training for her son. During middle school, he had suffered a severe concussion which initially left him unconscious and convulsing. Her son told us how, “Things got a lot harder” after the concussion. He also described his difficulty just remembering things…

Summer Training = Success

By Ted

Why do we recommend our online individualized Summer Cognitive Training program to students who struggle with school, or just want to do better? Improved attention and memory equal improved academics. #1 “Summer is the perfect time for students from 5thgrade-college to prepare themselves for success in the Fall without having to STUDY!” #2 The online computer based training with Ted,…

Lumosity & Brain Games vs. Cognitive Training

By Ted

The difference between PLAYING & TRAINING is the results. People ask us all the time, “How is cognitive training different than Lumosity? ” Perhaps the real question is, “What’s the difference between playing brain games and doing cognitive training?” Cognitive Training? Like our bodies, our brains have the capacity to grow and improve. Cognitive training is the ability…

71% Improve on SAT after Completing Cognitive Training

By Ted

Does cognitive training improve SAT results? A group of college bound juniors recently completed a computer based program in which they trained for 30 – 40 minutes daily, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. We coached them in executive skills and strategies that helped them, to improve their memory, attention, reading rates and processing…

Summer Training for Fall Success

By Ted

Summer is the perfect time for students from 5th grade through college to prepare themselves for success in the Fall without having to STUDY! It’s all done on a computer from home or at camp, and there’s NO homework. Call about our 6 week “Cognitive Training” program.

Does Your Child Understand His Learning Profile?

By Caryl
Study Re-boot FA Learning Solutions

Caryl helps students understand their learning profiles, moving them towards self advocacy in her one-to-one Study Re-Boot planning session.

Praising Effort

By Caryl
motivating students by praising effort

Motivating students by applauding their effort vs. intelligence, wins out in the classroom and in cognitive training. Learn how to praise in Carol Dweck’s video addressing the “Growth Mindset.”

Friends Launch Anti Cyber-Bully Campaign

By Julie

Six Middle School friends launch a clever anti cyber bully campaign on Instagram. It’s simple and brilliant. Please read and pass it forward.

My Child Struggles in School

By Caryl

If your child struggles in school he may be the 1 in 5 who has a learning difference. Read Caryl’s 15 clues to why your child may be having trouble.

What Is Intelligence, or IQ ?

By Ted

Brain building computer exercises have been proven to enhance aspects of intelligence. Schedule time with Ted or Caryl to design a plan for you or your school.