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The Little Kids' Book Club introduces new and engaging books for you to share with your children. Please explore our recent posts below and stay tuned for more!

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Little Kid’s Book Club #20:”The Jar of Happiness”

By Julie

Lauren and Moon holding “Happiness Jars” filled with diary entries marking joyful moments. Finding happiness is complicated, yet author Alisa Burrows transforms this abstract concept into an easy to understand read aloud in,“The Jar of Happiness”, our Little Kid’s Book Club pick #20. Keep scrolling for our list of questions and fun facts encouraging more…

Little Kids’ Book Club #19:”Harold and the Purple Crayon”

By Julie

Although there are no obvious life lessons in read aloud picture book, “Harold and the Purple Crayon”, the story poses many philosophical questions for both children and adults. Choose from our list of brain building Read and Explore talking points and teach your children how to read in between the (purple) lines. Sign up to…

Little Kids’ Book Club #18:”Larry The Lawnmower”

By Julie
Cover of "Larry the Lawnmower" #BookFaceFriday

“Larry The Lawnmower” is a favorite children’s book and local celebrity in Jamestown, Rhode Island where we met with both the author and illustrator. While taking harbor side pictures of author Jeanne Archambault and illustrator Victoria Corey, an excited little boy recognized their book in hand. Keep reading to find out what Jeanne and Victoria shared…

Little Kids’ Book Club #17:”What To Do With A Box”

By Julie

If you’re looking to pull the plug on electronic toys at home, read aloud “What To Do With A Box”. Then follow illustrator Chris Sheban’s lead, and watch your child’s imagination light-up. No batteries or charger required! The Story Two children get creative with cardboard boxes, turning discarded packaging into a pretend library, palace, and…

Little Kids’ Book Club #16:”Miss Rumphius”…for Mother’s Day

By Julie

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a memorable experience appealing to all generations. Read aloud “Miss Rumphius” and follow her lead to “make the world more beautiful.”  Scatter perennial wildflower seeds in the garden and neighborhood with your family, just like Miss Rumphius did. Every year you’ll all be reminded of Mother’s Day and Miss Rumphius when…

Little Kids’ Book Club #15:”A Frog Thing”

By Julie
"A Frog Thing" picture book for 3-7 year olds offers 2 great life lessons.

Special thanks to Chaves Gardens , the beautiful garden shop where we took this photo. A yearning to fly has been an ongoing theme for Eric Drachman, author of “A Frog Thing”, our featured Little Kids Book Club title #15. Collaborating with illustrator James Muscarello, Eric was able to marry his two passions, flying and scuba diving,…

Little Kids’ Book Club #14:”Sidewalk Flowers”

By Julie

We’re Finally Back! There’s so much to share with you in this installment of the Little Kids’ Book Club #14, we’re going to take a break from our regular format, to get it all in! If you like what you see, sign up here for The Little Kids’ Book Club and receive future book title…

Little Kids’ Book Club #13:”The Kissing Hand”

By Caryl

Adopt a beautiful family ritual from read aloud book-pick #13, ”The Kissing Hand”. Our list of conversation starters and Kissing Hand cookies will bring the story to life at home and in school. This week we’re also including an easy Learning Solution for little ones who don’t know their right “Kissing Hand” from their left.…

Little Kids’ Book Club #12:”The Bear’s Song”

By Julie

Drawing courtesy of Hope Svarre Johnson. You’ll never tire of reading “The Bear’s Song” aloud over and over again! Little Kids’ Book Club #12 is focused on DISCOVERY and FUN. Share our list of prompts with your children for playful learning in this imaginative hide-n-seek tour through the Paris Opera House. Sign up for future book title…

Little Kids’ Book Club #11:”Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast”

By Caryl

A special thank you to our newest READ ALOUD hero and creator, “Papa” Josh Funk, author of “Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast.” Josh shared personal stories with us, adding spice to this already tasty title. Our online Little Kids’ Book Club is guilt free and requires nothing of you. Twice a month we’ll email…