Learning Disabilities

A Question About Processing Speed

When a student has a low Processing Speed IQ test score, there are other factors to consider before coming to any conclusions. Get a second opinion from Caryl, known for teasing apart the complex student.

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People frequently ask us about the benefits that young people get from doing Cogmed Working Memory Training.  If we can improve working memory and attention, what will that mean for my son or daughter?  Increasingly Cogmed is being seen as a foundation for remediation, as well as a catalyst for  learning in general.  Because working memory…

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Improved Attention, No Side Effects

As I read the headlines this morning, “A Nation of Kids on Speed” (WSJ 6-16) , I could not help but reflect on the work we are doing in helping people improve their attention and working memory.  Clearly, medication works for many with attention issues, especially those with severe ADHD /ADD. Cogmed Working Memory Training…

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