School Programs


Kudos to John Kerney and the leadership team at Winchendon for being visionaries and undertaking such a bold project.  The support and involvement of the faculty proved essential and flexibility on everyone’s part won the day.  Integrating time for cognitive training into daily schedules that are often choreographed to the minute is an issue for…

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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to our new website FA Learning Solutions. If you are an old client, maybe we helped you find just the right school for your son or daughter. We may have even helped that school develop its learning center. Maybe we evaluated your child and created strategies to foster greater success in school. We may…

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Cogmed Summer Program

We are enrolling students in our 2013 cogmed summer program. Please join us for a five week program that you can complete in the comfort of your home. We will coach and monitor you the entire time. Improve your attention and working memory….learn more by contacting us.                …

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