Cognitive Training After a Concussion

Cognitive Training After a Concussion

Several years back the mother of a 24 year old asked us about Cognitive Training for her son. During middle school, he had suffered a severe concussion which initially left him unconscious and convulsing.

Her son told us how, “Things got a lot harder” after the concussion. He also described his difficulty just remembering things in the short term, and how it affected his ability to read, write and to organize language.

The question was, will Cognitive Training help?

Our answer was it depends upon your son. The harder he trains, the better the results. Cognitive Training is very different from traditional learning in that you don’t have to “study” to be successful. Instead, you engage in increasingly more challenging visual and audio exercises on the computer. Think of Cognitive Training as taking your brain to the gym, developing robust circuits or pathways rather than muscles. 

This is the heartwarming message that we recently received from his mom, 2 years after coaching her son:


Dear Ted and Caryl,

       I am so happy for my son ­­­___.  He attained the Dean's List for his fall semester 2015 at college!!! His curriculum was heavy in amounts of reading and writing which previously proved to be an impossible hurdle. I credit ____'s perseverance and Ted's Cogmed coaching as well as the Cogmed program for ____'s achievements. I look forward to more good news regarding ____'s fulfillment of college level requirements. The struggle has been a mighty one over the years but I know and that Cogmed really turned this around. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

All the best, ____ ____,   (M.Ed., OG Tutor, and parent)


The greatest pleasure in being a Cognitive Trainer is hearing these success stories from people of all ages.


It's such a privilege to work with people who are willing to work hard to regain or improve the mental skills and abilities that are so important for success and fulfillment in life.

Please email me to learn more about the work we do and how we can help you or someone that you love.

Most sincerely,



Ted Backes, Director of Cognitive Training

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