Psychoeducational Evaluation


Caryl uses psychoeducational evaluations as a vehicle for understanding a student’s profile of strengths and weaknesses and for making recommendations that will facilitate the child’s learning and overall success. Having evaluated more than 3,000 children, adolescents and young adults, she has a keen ability to identify learning profiles and describe them in meaningful ways to parents. Caryl has the unique ability to demonstrate the need for student accommodations to schools and colleges, and she works tirelessly to secure extended time on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, for those who are deserving.

Testing is usually 7-8 hours and is typically completed over a two-day period. Caryl pays close attention to the referral question but always goes beyond, digging deeply to understand all aspects of the child’s learning profile. Tests are administered based on the profile that unfolds; if a waiver for foreign language is a consideration, she administers a foreign language test. Testing on the second day is followed by a parent conference which begins with a detailed parent history. Test results and recommendations are shared and Caryl always provides ample opportunity for feedback and questions. Toward the end of the conference, the child is invited to join Caryl and the parents and a summary is presented. Having spent considerable time establishing a relationship with the child, Caryl explains to the student their profile so they can more clearly understand their own unique learning style. This model has proven to be highly successful, as it not only provides reinforcement and clarification of information, but it facilitates open communication and family goal-setting.

Caryl writes a thorough, detailed evaluation that includes recommendations that reflect cutting edge materials, strategies and technologies. Her overarching goal is to move beyond the diagnosis, should there be one, and address the specific needs of the child. Within four to five weeks of the initial appointment, parents receive an in-depth written report which includes a full analysis of test results and recommendations. Caryl is always available for further consultation should questions arise.