Professional Development

Caryl Frankenberger

Caryl has presented to faculties in over 50 schools.

Please contact Caryl if you would like to learn more about how she can provide professional development at your school.

St. John’s School, PR
Eagle Hill School, MA
Kents Hill School, ME
Greenwood School, VT
Cushing Academy, MA
Hillside School, MA
Woodhall School, CT
Forman School, CT
Dublin School, NH
Landmark School Outreach, MA (3X)
St. Johnsbury Academy, VT
St. Michael’s Country Day School, RI (3X)
Hamilton School at Wheeler, RI (3X)
Caryl FrankenbergerWolf School, RI
Indian Mt. School, CT
Eaglebrook School, MA (2X)
Wheeler School, RI (9X)
The Lincoln School, RI
The Gordon School, RI (2X)
Island View, UT
Hampshire County School, NH
Carroll School, The Garside Institute, MA
Swansea Public School, MA
Albert Magnus College, CT
Landmark College, VT
St. Andrew’s School, RI (3X)
Cheshire Academy, CT (2X)
Friends Academy, MA (2X)
Renbrook School, CT (2X)
Tutoring Network, MA (2X)
Foote School, CT
New England Orton Dyslexia Society, MA
Rumsey Hall School, CT
Oxford Academy, CT
Hamden Hall Country Day School, CT
Fay School, MA
Cushing Academy, MA
Rocky Hill School, RI
MacDuffie School, MA
Brimmer & May School, MA
Tufts University, Summer Program, MA