Speaking Engagements

With her passion, enthusiasm, and experience, Caryl Frankenberger has been a frequently requested speaker to professional organizations and associations.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Fundamentals to Advanced Testing Interpretation
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-V/Adults-IV
Psychoeducational Evaluation
Learning Disabilities
Executive Functioning
Technology – Dragon Naturally Speaking/Dragon Dictate and Livescribe Smartpen
Strategies for Remediation Through Case Studies

Small Boarding School Association (SBSA), Ojai, CA (2016)

  • Damaging Myths - Do you know the common myths about why children struggle to learn? 
  • What you need to know about the WISC-V

St. John’s School, San Juan Puerto Rico (2015)

  • Myths about Learning Disabilities – faculty
  • Myths about Learning Disabilities – parents

Kents Hill School (2015)

  • Psycho-educational Evaluation for admissions and learning center staff

Small Boarding School Association, Vanguard School (2015)

  • Q & A about Learning Disabilities

Shoreline Collaborative, Oxford Academy (2014)

  • A Question About Processing Speed

The Kildonan School (2013)

  • Panel of Dyslexia Experts for Founders Day Weekend

Summit Educational Group (2013)

  • Luncheon Speaker – Current Thoughts on Executive Function

Independent Educational Consultants Association Annual Conference (2016, 2011, 2008, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2000-1998,1996, 1992, 1991, 1984)

  • WISC-IV Workshop
  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
  • WISC-III Evaluation
  • Psychoeducational Evaluation
  • Executive Functioning

Small Boarding School Association, (2013, 2010)

  •   Evaluation and Executive Functioning
  •   Key Note Speaker

International Dyslexia Association, RI Branch (2006, 2004)

  • That was Then, This is Now – Learning Disabilities over the Past 25 Years

 Learning Disabilities Association, Hartford, CT (2002)

  • WISC-II Evaluation

 Joint Conference on Specific Learning Disabilities (2002, 1997, 1991, 1989)

  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
  • How To Be A Good Consumer: Independent Schools and Colleges for the Atypical Learner
  • Pathways For The Future: A Comprehensive Model of Assessment, College and Career
  • Counselling for The Learning Disabled Young Adult
  • Understanding, Identifying and Remediating the Child with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

The Learning Disabilities Network, Milton, MA; Braintree, MA (2002, 2000-1998, 1995,1992-1989)

  • Boarding School and College Programs for the Learning/Language Disabled
  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: Are They Exclusive and What Do They Mean?
  • Psychoeducational Evaluation: Moving Beyond Test Scores
  • WISC-III Evaluation

ISANNE 4th Annual Admissions & Marketing Conference (2001, 1999)

  • WISC-III Workshop

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Conference, North Haven, CT (2000)

  • Strategies for Remediation and Diagnosis Through Case Studies

International Dyslexia Association (formerly Orton Dyslexia Society), National Conference (1999, 1996, 1992, 1989-1987)

  • Conferences in Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Orange County
  • Language Disabilities and Remediation Strategies for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Assessment and Independent School Placement for the Learning/Language Disabled
  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

Junior Schools Placement Conference, Simsbury, CT (1998)

  • WISC-III Workshop

Connecticut Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, Norwalk, CT (1995, 1991)

  • WISC-III Evaluation
  • From Early Childhood Into Adulthood: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Intervention

Secondary School Admission Test Board Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA (1994)

  • WISC-III Evaluation

Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, CT (1991)

  • The WISC-R Moving Beyond Test Scores

Forman School, Propel Workshop (1990)

  • Understanding Your Profile: The First Step Towards Coping with Your Learning Disability

Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, Pittsfield, MA (1989)

  • Assessment: More Than Just Test Scores

New England Teachers Conference, Sturbridge, CT (1989)

  • The Dilemma of Teaching A Wide Variety of Students

Brown University & Orton Dyslexia Society Joint Conference, Providence, RI (1985)

  • Meeting The Needs Of Students With Varying Learning Styles