Summer Training for Fall Success



Summer Training for Fall Success

Summer is the perfect time for students from 5th grade through college to prepare themselves for success in the fall without having to STUDY! It’s all done on a computer from home or at camp, and there’s NO homework. It’s called “Cognitive Training.”

What is Cognitive Training?

In “Cognitive Training” you do online visual-spatial and auditory memory exercises that literally build new neural pathways in the brain. These neural pathways enhance your ability to learn by improving your “working memory” and attention. When you study in the fall, after training in the summer, more goes in and stays in.

Mental Athletes at a Virtual Gym

Think of Cognitive Training as taking your brain to a virtual gym with a personal coach guiding the process. To experience gains in your “working memory” and attention, you need to exercise consistently, with your coach regularly tweaking the program. Mental athletes who train for 35-40 minutes a day, 5 days a week, within the prescribed 6 weeks, experience results that are tracked and measured online.

This is not a brain game; it is a supervised intervention that hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted from worldwide. The benefits have been documented in more than 50 gold standard research studies conducted during the past 10 years.

Quality and Consistency

Students who complete our 6 week program at summer camp, or at home, actually change their brains by rewiring and reinforcing pathways that support working memory and attention. It’s all about how you train; SUCCESS is determined by the CONSISTENCY and QUALITY of your workouts within the 35 minute sessions.

“Working Memory” and School

Did you know that “memory” is a key predictor of success in life and in school? “Working Memory” is the ability to hold and manipulate information in mind. It’s instrumental in your ability to retain (learn) and recall information. Learning difficulties, for many students, are rooted in poor working memory or, working memory that is low relative to their other intellectual abilities.

Summer Training 4 Fall Success

Summer is a great time for students to improve their “working memory” and attention for the start of school in the fall. This is why summer camps build our cognitive exercise program into their schedules, while other students train with us one-on-one at home, in between activities.

For many students who struggle in the classroom, improved working memory is the gift that keeps on giving.

What we’ve heard from our 250+ students:

  • I enjoy reading now; I can read faster and I remember more of what I’ve read
  • It’s easier to remember facts and appointments
  • My listening skills have improved; I can listen for longer without losing focus and I remember more
  • I’m better at learning math formulas and knowing where to use them for the test
  • When I’m speaking with someone, I don’t need to interrupt because I know I’ll remember what I wanted to say
  • I don’t struggle to find words anymore
  • Writing is easier; I can organize words in my head before I put them on paper
  • I’m more organized; I see the big picture and I get things done on time
  • I don’t worry as much about forgetting things
  • I’m more confident in general, and I just feel sharper
  • My abilities continued to improve even after I completed my training

Remember, you need 6 weeks to complete the program!

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Ted Backes, Director of Cognitive Training
Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M., Cognitive Trainer

Training garners results.