Summer Training = Success

Summer Training = Success

Why do we recommend our online individualized Summer Cognitive Training program to students who struggle with school, or just want to do better?

Improved attention and memory equal improved academics.

#1 "Summer is the perfect time for students from 5thgrade-college to prepare themselves for success in the Fall without having to STUDY!"

#2 The online computer based training with Ted, can be done remotely online at any time of the day or evening.

Here are some comments from parents of students who we have trained. 

Parent of a 15 year old:
“My son enjoyed the training and felt he was successful. He has greater social confidence, better attention to detail and awareness of his surroundings, he is better at remembering and he has a desire to be more organized”.
Parent of a 16 year old:
“My son enjoyed the training and was proud of his success in completing the training.  He self-initiates Summer work, pays more attention to detail, has the confidence to take on more challenging material and has a desire to be more organized”
Parent of a 14 year old:
“She is much more verbal, not just answers but thoughtful insightful answers; she pays a lot more attention to what she is saying. She feels that she is much better able to understand what she is reading. She feels more independent and is teaming with confidence in so many aspect of her life. Her improvement in sports is big surprise; she used to be intimidated about everything happening on the field, she now surveys the field and is comfortable multi-tasking, dribbling, and passing to the right person."

Tutor of a 13 year old:
“He is doing great, straight A’s, maybe one A-. He is amazingly motivated and is competing with himself.  He has read several books and recently scored 100% on reading comprehension for the stories,  Reading fluency has improved 10% based on testing and he is at grade level.  Writing has improved significantly and he is working on novel as part of a required school project.  His confidence has soared.  All indications are that his executive skills have increased significantly."

Call or email me now if you would like to explore this option, as we can only take a  limited number of students this summer.


Ted Backes, Director of Cognitive Training

Caryl Frankenberger, Ed. M.

Summer Training for Fall Success