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Early Identification: Is your child at risk for having reading disabilities?

Is your child learning to read?

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    This 3 part Webinar series comes in VIDEO format. 

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    Each of the 3 videos comes with a companion WORKBOOK .

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    Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M.


In this 3 part webinar learn how to IDENTIFY, ADDRESS and HELP children who are at-risk for having reading disabilities.


  • Recommendations throughout
  • Red Flags to look for
  • What reading difficulties look like from preschool – 1st grade
  • Dyslexia vs. Instructional Casualties
  • Solutions

This webinar series is delivered in video format which you can pause, rewind or fast forward whenever you want for 45 days upon purchasing. 

Each of the 3 videos comes with a companion WORKBOOK that follows and highlights the material being presented, helping you interact with the content and go deeper at your own pace. 

There is space for note taking as well, organizing all the information for your convenience and future reference.

Purchase now so you know how to help your child right away!

The longer you wait to identify the problem, the further your child will fall behind his/her peers.